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Colette Baron-Reid. Revised Vanessa Montgomery. Your Personal Horoscope Doreen Virtue Yasmin Boland. Ruby Warrington Bess Matassa. Monte Farber Amy Zerner. A Briefer History Of Time. Stephen Hawking Leonard Mlodinow. Christopher Penczak. Synchronicity: The Collected Works of C. Jung R. Your Stars An Empowering Guide for The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes.

Theodora Lau Laura Lau. Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology. David A. Black Moon Astrology Cards.

Green Free Libra Horoscope | Astrology | Libra horoscope, Libra weekly horoscope, Libra

Susan Sheppard Jane Marin. Barbara Hand Clow. The Secret Language of Relationships. The Little Book of Astrology. Marion Williamson. Caroline Smith John Astrop. Gary Goldschneider Joost Ellfers. Sextrology The Astrology of Sex and the Senses.

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Starsky Cox. Astrology: Secrets of the Moon Discover your true life path and purpose. Heather Roan Robbins.

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  5. Elise Mahan D. Stephanie Jean Clement. Signs of the Zodiac. Chinese Astrology Forecast Your Future. Shut your monkey mind up. You are doing so fucking amazing. Fear of change. Afraid that things might not turn out as what you wanted. Scared that maybe you no longer want this anymore.

    Some of you are even losing faith or having second thoughts. Just know that the Universe has your best interest as first priority. So have faith, and trust in the path. You will get what you wish for. As always, love is the way. Believe in the impossible. When really, all we need to do is believe and those things become possible. Stop making excuses why you can't do this and can't do that. Got some new reading material for the plane ride and relaxing from life. Are you ready for the full moon this weekend?

    We are! When I was in middle school is when my spiritual awakening really started. In physics we learned that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just transmutes into a different form. When something dies, the energy soul does not just disappear. We simply transform into another form of energy that is no longer physical. With death comes transformation figuratively and literally. Any old pattern, whether it be a way of thinking, a bad habit, an old you, a person, a job, anything.

    Ask yourself what is holding you back in your life? Are you your own worst enemy? Scorpio energy is about being brave, passionate, real and raw. It is about jealousy, distrust, shadows. Being ruled by Pluto, and Pluto just came out of retrograde, I think this is a really overwhelming time. Painful but positive transformation. You got this. Its been a Monday here. Alot of self talk to get motivated today. A little voice inside keeps saying, "you'll thank yourself later. I got myself into a little hocuspocus.

    Day 6 and 7 of the October Tarot Challange. Day 6's prompt "I believe in the magic that is within me by Panthera "Precious and Rare". When I live my passion and fight for what I believe in. That includes believing in me, even when fear arises. Pushing past those insecurites and embracing what makes me unique. I "Believe in the Impossible, Blue Moon. Thats where I find my passion, that is where I can authentically be me.

    That's where I find my magic. Basically these are cards are telling me We have the Moonology Diary just in here at Amethyst Moon!! With Moonology Diary , readers will have the perfect tool to create, plan and predict their life.

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    Within this beautifully illustrated diary, Yasmin Boland gives detailed instruction to work with each lunation and use the Moon as a cosmic timer for manifesting and energy clearing. Using this diary, readers will discover: - the key events of each lunar cycle and how to attune to their energies - rituals to perform and questions to ask at each New and Full Moon - powerful chants and Moon-led affirmations for each zodiac sign - the importance of New Moon wishing—how to do it and why it works!

    So much to be grateful for everyday. I couldn't have said it better myself. Hey moon, see you soon. A great day yesterday at the fabulous Rest Fest with other women! Be sure to take advantage of this.. So, when you have the energy to accomplish, dammit, accomplish. And finally, the page of pentacles here is wanting to show you that you have support in your goals.

    Take it. This may be internal conflict with ourselves or with others. However, there is no clear winner in this case. Many times conflict stems from miscommunication. In the fiery 5 of Wands card, everyone is fighting with each other, which seems chaotic and messy. Capricorn energy is hard working and grounded. What can you do now to move away from this chaotic and conflicting energy?

    How can you find balance? Get clear and intentional about your wants and needs, and take action. Always bring love to every situation you encounter regardless of the outward appearance. Message from Spirit : 7th October You seem to be seeking a fresh start, a change just for the sake of it but have you looked within what stops you from beginning fresh?

    Can there be a sunrise without a sunset? You need to release the old and pick the lessons that were given to move forward and take the right action , see both sides of the coin, open the horizons, there is more work to be done in the current situation , there is a reason why your actions for a fresh start are failing, time to contemplate why you're being stopped..

    Members go check it out! Remembering my dad today. The man who gave me my witchy roots! May he rest and be free What is a witch without a broom? Motivational Monday! Days can go by where we live in solitude. Other times we are surrounded by friends or family. People we love and cherish. This card reminds us to create abundance in our life we need to demonstrate it with the gratitude of what we already have been given. Once we love what we have around us, only more love can come to us.

    Bless it be Xx.

    Libra (astrology)

    I was asking if I was doing the right thing with launching my products. I pulled this card, Full Moon in Aquarius. Show the world the real you. It means to lead with my heart not my head, to stop thinking so much about a situation. It was exactly what I needed.

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    The universe provided once again. Keep pushing the boundaries. Think long term. What work needs to be done and the logistics of how to get there. Nows the time to also look at the spiritual and emotional realm too. What work do you need to be doing there? Achieve balance in both.

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    Pay careful attention to how you feel this week. Choose good. And you may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel this week. Things are going smoothly, and you feel largely in control. Take the peaceful time to start looking at details. Where can things get better? Especially relating to emotions.

    Now you just have to wait for the rewards of your actions. Take the time to relax and pause too. Likely a group is stuck in something, with nothing getting done. Help others see that this week, and give out your advice.